Lipscomb University Project

I have been collaborating on a project with Scott Large Format to decorate the Dean’s Suite in the College of Business at Lipscomb University. It has been a fun project particularly because I have been able to work with my friend, who is also the owner of SLF. We were part of the MBA program offered by Lipscomb University and are now proud to call ourselves alumni. The focal print of this project was a result of a brainstorming session we had after working on a class project. When I posted the Nashville Skyline on brushed aluminum on social media it caught the eye of someone at the university. The initial result was the installation of several prints, but the interest it created has been amazing. What you see below is a sample of what the partnership with SLF is going to be creating for the foreseeable future. Let us know what decorative needs we can help you with by emailing

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