The name Yellow Umbrella Photography was inspired by a photo I took on a trip to Hong Kong. On a boat journey, through one of the harbors, there was a place I assumed was used for repairing small boats. In the midst of this scene stood a frail looking man, sheltering himself from the hot sun, with an ordinary yellow umbrella. I knew if I was lucky enough to capture this moment, the yellow umbrella would be the focal point.

As my passion for photography grew I could trace its roots back to the excitement I felt when I knew I was able to capture this one moment in time, and the response I received when I would share it with others. To me, that is what photography is about – capturing a special moment so that it can be shared with those who can appreciate its value.

I want to share these special moments, captured on unique metal surfaces, to be shared in people’s homes as a conversation piece, or in a business as a way to connect them to the local community.  If you would like to purchase any of my work email sales@yellowumbrella.photography for pricing.


Yellow Umbrella